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Our Bitesize Ski Videos Will Help You Ski Better

We all think differently about learning to ski, and about improving our skiing once we’ve learned.

If you have never skied before then every aspect of the learning process can be something of a mystery, even a little intimidating.

Conversely, once we’ve learned how to ski, just like learning to drive, it’s all too easy to think we know it all and not bother to brush up our technique and keep in touch with the latest developments.

The good news is that before we head off to the mountains for our first ever ski trip, or for our 50th trip, it’s never been easier to get to grips with learning or improving ski technique on indoor snow closer to home, or perhaps a dry slope.

At LoveSki we’ve brought the process even closer to you by filming a series of easy to follow videos led by Pete Gillespie, Head of Snowsports at The Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead. Pete takes us through technique tips from the basics up to more advanced skills in the personable company of the great Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards.

Each video is just a minute or so in length and takes you through a different stage of technique, with the first film: ‘Introduction to Skiing’ giving a complete overview of the series.

Beginners will want to study the video ‘How to Plough turn with Eddie The Eagle’ as this depicts the basic technique you’ll want to master first to ensure you start turning to control your speed, and stay balanced.

Once that’s successfully achieved, it’s on to ‘How to Plough Parallel Turn’ which marks an intermediate stage, usually after your first day or two, when your confidence builds and you want to go faster with more control.

Next it’s a full parallel turn once you have the skills to keep your skis together, then on to the all-important hockey stop, so that you can stop quickly when required.

Once all that technique has been mastered (and for more experienced skiers who already know it all), it’s time to move on to learn ways to practice those skills and further improve your technique.

The sixth and seventh videos do just that with top tips on ‘How to improve your Parallel Turn’ and ‘How to Make High Performance Parallel Turns’. They are the first of a final four videos that provide tips on exercises in balance and other methods for improving your skiing skills. They’re good viewing for everyone.

The series concludes with a couple of little lessons in jumping from Eddie.  Do not fear though it’s not the full Olympic ski jump but rather more practical for an average day on the slopes: “How to Jump off a kicker” and “How to ski off a drop” (meaning quite a small drop). The short films are again full of great advice on how to do it right.

Of course, if there’s anyone you want telling you how to stay upright in the air, if only for as second or two, and land it safely and successfully, it’s Eddie the Eagle.