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Ten of the Highest Altitude Ski Areas in Europe

Whenever you plan your trip to the mountains, snowfall is always a consideration. In recent years it seems that the old rules, if they ever really existed, that visiting mid-winter meant guaranteed snow, have been stretched somewhat. The big snowfalls seem to have come at any time of the year – this autumn there have even been big snowfalls on higher slopes in early September (which is still the end of summer by the astronomical calendar) , last year resorts opened early after big snowfalls in October and November. But there have also ben unexpected ‘dry spells’ in mid-winter when you’d expect it to be dumping down. The best way to guarantee good snow cover is to aim high. This may be to a high-altitude resort, or to a lower altitude resort that has fast access to high ski slopes thousands of metres above. Here are 10 of the best choices: