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Ski IN/OUT | The best places to stay slope-side!

Words by Patrick Thorne.

Location, Location, Location! …it’s a well-known saying, a popular TV show and a great truism when it comes to choosing your accommodation in the ski resort.

Quite simply, although you can have a great ski holiday and not stay slope-side, it’s pretty rare to have a bad ski holiday if you’re staying slope-side. Being able to clip on your skis or strap on your board on your doorstep and ski straight off, and similarly ski back in at the end of the day without facing a lengthy walk, the worry of how busy the ski bus is going to be or even the minor irritation of loading a car to get to the slopes really makes all the difference between a completely stress-less ski trip, and one with that touch of mundanity getting to and from the snow.

There are other advantages worth a quick mention too. What if you forget something? So much easier to pop back and grab it if you’re staying slope-side. Or you’re on a tight budget – easy to pop back and eat in rather than at a mountain restaurant. Finally – and this does depend to some extent just where by the slopes you’re staying – slope-side accommodation can mean you can get on to the slopes each morning ahead of the crowds. Whilst you can ski off on a pristine, freshly groomed slopes to bag first sport on the first lift of the day, others are struggling up from the ski bus drop off spot trying to find a bit of flat ground to get the skis or board on. Is there any greater feeling of smug bliss?

Here are ten top choices of ski-in, ski-out slope-side havens worthy of your consideration: