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The Ultimate Flexible Ski Trip

These days, some tour operators at least, make the priority getting you to the slopes as quickly, and efficiently as possible. So the travel part lasts just a few hours, rather than a day. That means it can be completed in time to allow you to be on the slopes for the latter half of your travel day, or stay on the slopes all day on the last day of your trip, then travel home in the evening once the lifts close.

So on a Friday to Monday weekend trip, you ski perhaps 3.5 days out of four; or on a midweek Monday to Friday break it’s closer to 4.5 days out of five.  If you do go for that traditional Saturday to Saturday why not squeeze in 7.5 days on the slopes – 25% more on slope time for the same number of days and nights away?

This kind of ultimate flexibility isn’t offered by many holiday companies (whatever they may claim), and requires decades of expertise of getting skiers to the slopes for their ski fix fast and efficiently in order for you to have confidence in the travel company organising your trip.


One that is way ahead when it comes to mastery of this art form, with knowledge and connections like no other, is SkiWeekends. They know how to get you on the slopes quicker than any other operator and tailor-make ski holidays for their customers rather than taking the usual approach of trying to make your needs fit a pre-determined package.

In fact, you don’t even have to go home after work to prepare for your trip anymore. If you arrive at work in the morning with your ski bag packed, SkiWeekends will arrange for you to be picked up from your workplace at the end of the day and transfer you to your nearest airport.  No need to worry about airport car parking or public transport, you’ll just be dropped at the terminal, ready to fly. You can then be in resort that night and skiing first thing the next morning.

For that to work of course you’ll need to have your ski hire and your lift pass sorted and again, that’s not an issue, it can all be waiting for you in your accommodation.

Rest assured on the return trip, when you head home after the day’s skiing, the transfer back from your local UK airport will deliver you home, you won’t be taken back to work. Well not unless you really, really want to go back to work straight from your ski holiday.


Making sure you get to the slopes as quickly as possible from your home or workplace requires access to a wide-ranging selection of ski resorts, and indeed airports and SkiWeekends have this covered.

You can fly from any one of 17 airports across the UK to more than 40 resorts in eight countries, encompassing ski areas in the Alps, Pyrenees, Spain and even Scandinavia.  All of the ski resorts offered are world-class, so unless you have strong feelings about where you want to go, it’s often worth keeping an open mind and finding out which you can reach the fastest, and making a choice from there.

Depending on the flight routes and times available from your local airport and the transfer times at the other end, it might surprise you just which resorts are the closest to you in terms of total travel time. A resort that seems more distant ‘as the crow flies’ might actually take much less time to reach due to a fortuitous flight time and a fast transfer.

In short, it’s all about delivering the holiday you want and indeed exceeding your expectations of what you thought might be possible.

Wherever you choose to ski, enjoying ultimate flexibility for your travel plans will ensure its’s the perfect holiday for you, with the easiest travel and the maximum slope-time.  Snowy bliss.